Monday, July 9, 2012

[KERNEL] nAa-13 [1/7/12] Custom Gingerbread kernel + CWM Recovery

Search no more. This is THE kernel for your gingerbread X8.

Before unlocking your bootloader, read this thread
If you brick your device, you are the sole responsible.

  • Based on stock 2.6.29 SE sources
  • Upgraded to Linux kernel version:
  • Ported various components from 2.6.35 / 38
  • Significantly fast booting time (~25 secs from power button to lockscreen)
  • CWM recovery in kernel
  • Netfilter support / AP support / Usb tethering
  • Swap support
  • Tun/Tap
  • Mddi fix
  • Ext3/4 support
  • Modules auto-copying at boot
  • Dual touch options:
    - Fake dual touch in kernel (thanks to andrej456) (default)
    - Modular fake dual touch in kernel (thanks to doixanh)
    - Modular no dual touch
  • Many CPU freq governors to chooce from: interactive, interactivex, minmax, smartass, smartass2, scary and savagedzen
  • Modular Undervolt
  • NOOP ioscheduler
  • Ramzswap for compcache
  • Offline charging embedded in the kernel
  • Stable and fast oveclocked frequencies (not enabled by default)
  • Frequency table: 19MHz - 864MHz
  • Default CPU governor: interactive
  • Two way call recording (might be against the law for some countries, you are responsible for using this feature)
  • Interface Stat support for ICS
  • Memory management and binder improvements from gb kernel
  • Many, many feature and stability patches from various kernel sources

  • For wifi to work, the ROM MUST have Wifi built from sources as in CM. If this is not the case, the Wifi WONT work, DON'T compain here about that.
  • For vibration, the ROMs need to use the gb implementation.

If you have any issues, please read the FAQ thread first:

  • Flash back to stock using Flashtool or SEUS.


  • If you want to enable the fake DT by dx (instead of andrej456's which is the default), you have to insert the following line in the /system/etc/ file:
    insmod /system/lib/modules/synaptics_i2c_rmi4_dt.ko
  • If you want to remove the fake DT altogether, insert the following line in the /system/etc/ file:
    insmod /system/lib/modules/synaptics_i2c_rmi4_no_dt.ko

The linux kernel is GPL'ed, everyone who does modifications should make them publicly available.

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